Shinsuke occasionally communicates via Yakult.

Shinsuke occasionally communicates via Yakult.

The two occurrences share some common themes.

Ask nicely.

If you had been in the room with Henpeita when Nizou almost strangled Matako (in the scene in the Benizakura Movie) what would you have done?

In all probability, absolutely nothing. This scene could only have ended with Nizou getting kicked in the nuts, in which case I would’ve no doubt winced on his behalf.

Why are you so cold to poor Matako? She's getting stalked by Sakamoto, and she needs some support.

I am aware of the recent conflicts, and I will concede that they have gotten quite out of hand. That being said, I have full confidence in her ability to deal with the situation herself, being the intelligent, capable young lady that she is. If that is not the case, and she does, in fact, require assistance, she may ask for it rather than threatening to shoot me in the head. I have long since accepted that she has about as much subtlety and tact as an airborne brick (which I do not hold against her, I assure you), but I daresay it’s a good thing I am more tolerant of her behavior than, say, Nizou.

Senpai, you better stop being so friendly with that Kaientai woman, because it makes Shinsuke-sama angry and when he's angry, I'm even more angry, so I have a little advice for you: focus on paperwork and whatever it is you're doing or else you'll end up not only stabbed, but also with a bullet in your head.

Matako, my dear kōhai, while I appreciate your boundless zeal, I would remind you that what I do with my own limited spare time is my affair. You need not defend Shinsuke from me.

And he skipped lunch.

Besides, isn’t Love Choris one of those real-time dating simulation games? Do you really think I want yet another person, even a digital one, constantly demanding my undivided attention?

Riddle me this, riddle me that, who’s afraid of the big, black bat?

What was your mission?

The usual. Espionage, assassination, and picking up the dry cleaning.

Banzai! Banzai! Just buy him a new one! Save yourself before it's too late!!

I appreciate the concern but I don’t think that will appease him. Such a heinous crime calls for blood… apparently.


..the redecoration is very inconsistent. I think it will look better if the whole thing is dyed the color, don’t you?


of course it’s nice to see me. who wouldn’t want to see me

could you get it back for me, bansai?

I’m afraid it’s been redecorated. It’s still in your colors, I suppose.

I leave on a mission and just look what happens.